Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Brings Back the DLC – But Only Till December 31st.

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After fans of the Marvel series were robbed of their DLC, they can rejoice in its return, but only for a limited time.

After all DLC was removed from the PSN and XBL servers for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Heroes and Heroins both united their voices in outrage, crying out to the Marvel Gods, wondering why? As it turned out, all of it was for “limited time only.” Yet those cries were not fallen on deaf ears, because starting today till December 31st, you can gear up for $9.99, and prepare to go at it with all of the glory you have been waiting for.

Giving you the choice of five new playable characters and an upgrade of new missions, you get to step in the tights of the likes like Psylocke, Cable, Carnage, Black Panther, and Magneto (Natch). All of these will be well-used since the upcoming missions will take you into the depths of the best of the Marvel canon: The Marvel Civil Wars.

Did we forget to mention that there’s another character available as well? For an additional $1.99 you can add the human wreaking ball, Juggernaut to the mix as well. And why wouldn’t you, especially when you never know when they are going to bring you more downloadable goodies?

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