Want Details On Latest UFC Undisputed 2010 Patch, We Got Them, Major Changes Afoot

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Unless you ducked out of the cage all weekend, the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 UFC patches are now both officially live! If you’re connected online, just boot up the game and you should be prompted to update, it’s that simple. The development team took as much of your feedback to heart to address the critical issues that were hampering gameplay the most – namely exploits and online connectivity. We are looking in to all post-patch feedback concerning connectivity, we will keep you posted. If you have specific feedback, please leave it in this thread.

New Patch Is Live, Download Now

The UFC 2010 Undisputed team is continuing to collect feedback and will be rolling more of your feedback into the next patches. Check out what this patch addressed.


  1. Changed Ranked and Player Match matchmaking to increase the success rate of joining online matches – applies to PS3 and X360.
  2. Significantly improved penalty for disconnecting in an online match
  3. Modified online point system so that players lose Ranked match points upon disconnecting from the match.
  4. Disconnecting from a match now results in a loss for the player who disconnected
  5. Removed instant takedowns. All takedowns now require a struggle.
  6. Changed the Omoplata submission so fighters cannot cancel to a standing position.
  7. Reduced the success rate of the AI when executing and defending submissions on higher difficulties.
  8. Fixed CAF stats so they update correctly when moving to different weight divisions in Career mode.
  9. Fixed a bug in Career in which the fighter is demoted to the WFA when he should not.
  10. Career Fighters no longer keep their stats when copied to the Create A Fighter mode.
  11. Career Fighters can no longer obtain stats of 100 in all categories (i.e. no Super CAFs)
  12. Fixed a text bug in which “Team Cloud Tokyo” is displayed in the Camp Explanation Text for Team Higashi Camp.
  13. Changed the Online Ticker to display more than one Online Ticker message after booting the game.
  14. Fixed a bug in which the Monthly Ranked leaderboard is not reset for players in online matches during certain hours of the first day of the month.
  15. Adjusted the Online Key message to indicate the location of the key code on the manual. (applies to newbies)
  16. Updates the UFC fighter stats to accurately reflect UFC Draws and No Contests.


Along with the patch update we are resetting the ranked and fight camp online leaderboards. As mentioned, we are doing a complete leaderboard wipe to start everyone fresh given the magnitude of changes. All of your online leaderboard stats will still be saved in your offline profile, however your leaderboard rank and fight camp rank will be reset to 0. Any new ranked/fight camp leaderboard online stats will simply aggregate on top of your offline total. In other words, if you’re leaderboard record is 500-225 today. When we reset, it will go to 0-0, but in your offline stats profile, you will still have 500-225. When you start playing ranked onlne again, if your leaderboard record after a few days is 20-10 let’s say, then your offline aggregate stats should say 520 – 235. We want to make sure everyone understands all your stats are always aggregated offline in your save profile, as long as you never delete that!


Second, the complete Fight Camp integration with our official website here will go live this week as well. This will allow you and your team complete control of your Fight Camp on our official site, with the ability to manage, assign roles, message, check your banners, view advanced stats and leaderboards, and check out other Fight Camps. Not to mention, you can also create or join a Fight Camp directly from our website. For those familiar with “clans”, this will be your new best friend section on our website.

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