Trinity Universe Hits Shelves: Combines Some of the Biggest RPG’s Together

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If you enjoyed the characters and stories from Disgaea Atelier, then this title is right up your hardcore-RPG alley.

Nippon Ichi, Gust and Idea Factory have done something that has rarely been thought of in the RPG world: combined story lines and create a whole new world. Walking in the shoes of either male lead Kanata or female lead Rizelea, you go through two separate story lines yet with interlacing character interaction. Not only that, they have gone ahead and gave them a full-3D environment.

Kanata comes from a family of protectors of the Netheruniverse, transforming their bodies into a Demon God Gem. However, Kanata didn’t like that idea, and instead became a Demon Dog King. Years passed and while he realized the toll of his decision, debris from space started falling to his world. Accepting his role, he sets out on a mission to find the cause of the debris and stop it.

Meanwhile, in Rizelea’s journey, She’s a Valkyrie who keeps the universe in peace and harmony. During her investigations in the universe, she heads to the Netherregions, noticing that debris from space continually fall onto the land. Being the peace keeper that she is, she heads in to investigate.

Along the way, you will meet up with some new characters and some familiar ones like Violet and Etna, making this an overall expansive experience. Expect a full write-up and review this weekend, but otherwise head out to the local store and grab a copy today.

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