Clash of the Titans Goes Gold: Hopefully Better Than the Film

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The game based off its movie counterpart goes to the manufacture today, to prepare to hit stores on July 21st.

While Clash may not have done well on the silver screen, developer Game Republic is trying to bring the spark to an otherwise lusterless adventure. Playing as Sam Worthington’s character Perseus as he goes though the lands of Greece, stopping Hades from ending civilization. Thankfully, you’re not entirely powerless, since you have the power of the Gods coursing through your veins. Being the Demi-God you are, you will have the abilities that other mere mortals would never have: powerful combos and impressive weaponry are all at your fingertips.

Clash is bolstering an impressive 80+ customizable sub weapons, available as you traverse the world and fight against 80 different enemies, beasts, demons, and of course: The Kraken. The game will feel very akin to God of War for those wanting something a little closer to home in terms of gameplay and action, only without the mindless gore and sex (hence the “T” rating.) Plus, if you pre-order at Gamestop, you will be able to get an exclusive downloadable weapon, only available through them.

The game will come out the same day as the DVD and Blu-ray so choose wisely. By all indications, the game is much worth you time and energy (and you may actually enjoy yourself more).

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