RPG DeathSpank is Kicking it Up a Notch on July 13th

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Have you ever thought to combine the action of Diablo with the stylings of Monkey Island?

That’s what developer Hothead Games has devised, creating the wackiest, craziest, and quite possibly funniest RPG game this side of the Tristram. Playing as DeathSpank – a brawny and brave soul, yet with the intelligence of a sand flea – you go about the land, saving orphans, bashing baddies with your Weapons of Justice (WoJ), and above all… Bacon.

Playing through it’s nothing but fast-paced action and nonstop entertainment. Using ranged or melee weapons, you charge up a Justice meter as you fight, enabling you to access special attacks as you fight off would-be dispatchers. However, an RPG wouldn’t be complete without leveling up. Using a concept called “trait cards,” you decide on one of six different selections to upgrade: from better loot drops to faster ranged attacks. It’s an inventive concept, and one that continues to keep you on your toes.

Overall environment hasn’t been forgotten either, with a myriad of equipment drops that significantly change your appearance and upgrade DeathSpank and intuitive NPC communication. Coming from the mind of Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert, the same mentality applies: give the choice in conversation between silly and serious. Depending on your reaction and how you’re feeling, you get a special reaction and an even better response. Either way, you’re not going to be disappointed.

It’s a wonder that a game like this is just a PSN download, only for $14.99. With how much is packed into the game, including the online cooperative play and everything else mentioned – this could have really been a full-fledged game if given the opportunity. All the more, it will at least give players something to do over and over again.

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