Def Jam Rapstar is Bringing the Bass Back

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Alright, so the hip-hop group said it best, “So ya wanna be a rock super star…” and 4MM Games gives you the chance with Def Jam Rapstar. Taking songs from the areas of rap, hip-hop, and R&B, 4MM has collected an impressive 200 songs to give you an experience that not only allows you to bring your swagger, but to step up and show what you know. The premise is just like every other rhythm game to date: take the selected song and battle it out against your friend or opponent online, going after the highest score. However, Def Jam does it a little different, and in a big way.

Taking those 200 songs, the idea is to release a group of about 40 tracks with the game, then continually release tracks every week. It’s a smart and effective way to keep people from being bored and keep them coming back – especially when you have big names like Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, Dr. Dre, 2 Pac, and so many more. Of course, if you think you have your own verse to throw, the Freestyle mode is there waiting for you to lay lines down.

Because this game is all about the battle. Your goal is to gain “street cred” online, separated by three different categories: Score, Rank, and Respect. Two of which are easily identifiable while the third takes a little to muster. To gain Respect, players go though rap battles, and depending on how they fare, whether they lose horribly or run away, their score will decrease. The other way your score diminishes is by the videos you put up online.


It's Weezy Baby!!

Videos you say? That’s the integral part of the game. While you’re busting your move to Biz Markie, your Playstation Eye or Kinect will be taking video. From that vid, you can take a thirty second clip, and include lighting effects, filters, and other goodies that can be unlocked in campaign mode. From there, the community will choose the winners and rate the clips. All of this ties into the online community where you can join up with like-minded people and create crews, gaining cred and participating in battles with each other. If in a crew, you get a boost in stats and access to other goodies in the game.

Not to mention, it’s been hinted that if you hit the top of the charts in Def Jam, then you could very well hit your own real record deal. It’s an enticing offer, and one that could have some serious consequences when it comes to what you see online. You may get some serious golden goose… or big lumps of coal. Regardless, it’s going to be beyond worth it… if you got what it takes to pick up a mic.

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