E3 2010: Trine 2 Gets a Promising Preview And Trailer

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Last year, one of the few games that came out of E3 2009 was a surprise downloadable game: Trine. Developed by Atlus Games and Frozenbyte, the latest installment is turning heads in just the same way, and for a good reason.


For those not in the know, the original was something of an oddity. Only digitally released on PC and PSN (with a XBL version to come soon) was suddenly Gamespot.com’s ‘Best Downloadable Game of 2009.’ By taking control of the trifecta in action/adventure games when needed (thief, warrior, wizard), using their unique abilities to go across the map. In a rather interesting and special side-scrolling layout, you would be confronted by an assortment of enemies that you could bash and break apart, gaining experience and leveling up skills to help you progress. All in all, it was a big mix of Little Big Planet and Gaulent Legacy, with a dash of any of Tt’s Lego games.

Thus, Manager of PR and Sales Aram Jabarri knows what people want: “The Trine series is a bastion of pure gaming fun.” The trick of the games was the Nvidia’s PhysX physics engine. Where in the first game the concept of “move and flow” were applied, the second game will bring it to a whole new level. Added to that, an enhanced graphics engine combined with a masterful musical score is helping keep this game’s name floating.

As for the gameplay changes, the characters are staying the same but their class trees and abilities are getting a boost. For example, the thief will have the ability to slow down time for a short period, while the wizard will now have the option to pick up enemies and move them around. Online co-op is going to be active out the door, so if you have three friends that want to join up and play through, that won’t be a problem (of course, co-op on your home machine is an option as well). Sadly, you’re going to have to wait till 2011 to get your hands on the game, but Atlus at least promises that the price tag on the game will be worthy of the title, since the first one was outrageously overpriced ($20-$40 depending on your media, and it wasn’t nearly long enough for that).

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