Have a Game to Sell? Gamestop Has Competition From Best Buy, Come Summer’s End

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Some may know that at local electronic hot-spot Best Buy, you can come in and trade in your old game consoles, iPods, computers, and the like, for a gift card either in-store or online. What you may not realize that coming late summer, Best Buy is bringing in a whole new set of trade ins: your video games.

Senior Vice President and General Manager Chris Homeister, announced that any of your pre-owned games are going to be up for gift cards, worth anything in the store from gaming accessories to that new Michael Jackson CD you were craving so much. It’s all in an initiative to reward the players, “provide gamers innovative ways to connect with current and future gaming titles.”

If you’re one of the gamers that may take action on this deal, all you need to do is head to the Customer Service desk (or dedicated kiosks in potential buildings), and hand them the worn-out game. You can still do an online transaction, and even check the rates of your trade in before you do anything, and all of it can be synced with your rewards account.

However, the question is can they break into the game trade-in market. With companies like Gamestop, who last year made over $2.9 billion dollars in ‘recycled sales’ (nearly 26.4 percent of their total $9.08 in revenue). You knock into that market, they are going to need a big selling point and in a big way. Perhaps @Gamer’s $150 in yearly savings will help them out.

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