E3 2010: Twisted Metal Returns: A Closer Look

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Yesterday during the Sony Keynote, the finale of the show was the sudden and slightly unexpected return of Twisted Metal. What’s in store for the series?Creator and producer Dave Jaffe was on scene to talk about the 10-year stretch between the previous console version, and the upcoming game. “It’s going to have everything that you want and more.” With the start of his new company, Eat Sleep Play, Jaffe and co-creator Scott Campbell were able to put together the majority of the original team, to bring back the feel and chaotic style of gameplay that the originals had.

What we know so far is that this one is a little of the old, with a lot of the new. High atop his ivory tower, Calypso rules over the little underlings, dominating the Twisted Metal Tournament. Now the four battling factions begin their competition against each other to bide for one prize of their choosing. To help answer the call, you’ll have your choice of a dozen different vehicles, from motorcycles to helicopters. However, the greatest part of Twisted Metal is simply blowing stuff up.

To do that, you’ll have access to a wide array of different weapons. Now, the bean haven’t been spilled on half of what will be available, but what’s been hinted at is tantalizing. Now, you can swing out of your vehicle to use say, a sniper rifle or chain saw, against a foe. Or if flight is more your talent, the fully-loaded minigun will get the job done. Plus anything destructible in the level – and they mean anything. Trees, buildings, parked cars… nothing is safe in the carnival of chaos.


The Clown Is Back

The game will feature a unique campaign mode, for those that are wanting to fill in your trophy list and unlock more goodies to play with. Though if that gets boring, multiplayer will be active through the PlayStation Network, allowing up to 16 players to join in (you can even have up to four players split-screen). Game variants will go from classics like Deathmatch and Capture the Territory, to new modes like Nuke – where the players try to take down a floating statue in the middle of the map, by dragging the leader of the opposing gangs into a launcher somewhere on the map.

What was shown at E3 was an early build of the multiplayer, and Jaffe promised that by the release date, it would be a fully polished and fully realized game. As for when? “Sony has a date, I have a date… we will see who wins.” Just be sure that it will hit shelves by 2011.

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