E3 2010: Sony Releases Details For Media Molecule’s Highly Anticipated Sequel LittleBigPlanet 2

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Since its release in October 2008 LittleBigPlanet has delivered a very unique gaming experience to the PS3 and a brand new iconic mascot to represent it, Sackboy. For the first time in any game players were given enough freedom to let their imaginations take them to extraordinary creative depths using the game’s CREATE mode as well as providing a fantastic online community surrounding it.

From launch LBP has accumulated a staggering 2.5 million uploaded user-created levels and even provided ordinary gamers with opportunities to become actual level designers. Media Molecule has continued to expand the level of creativity through multiple PSN downloads, including the new paint gun and water features. Now its sequel LittleBigPlanet 2 is set to take that creativity to a whole new level with the ability to create no longer limited to the Platformer genre but every genre imaginable. With LBP2 the possibilities really are endless. LittleBigPlanet 2 is set to be released in Fall/Winter 2010.

Key Features

  • 40+ new story levels across a fusion of different historical ideas set into six themes: Techno Renaissance, Steampunk and Cake, Neon Propaganda, Fluffy High-Tech, Designer Organic, and Hand-made Arcade.
  • 4-player offline/online multiplayer with new game and scoring modes.
  • New gadgets including a grapple hook for swinging across gaps and pulling objects towards you, Power Gloves for picking up objects and throwing them, and a customizable Creatinator that can be carried and will spew out anything a creator desires.
  • The ability to create full-scale games using the evolved CREATE tools. Creators can now reset the controller buttons for any object, change the rules of any level, make your vehicles and creations behave exactly the way you want them too and the ability to create games across multiple genres.
  • AI Sackbots (non-playable Sackboys) which are interactive and programmable allowing for NPC’s that bring the game to life. Custom options include size, clothing, individual NPC’s or groups of them, placement in created levels or cutscenes, behavior patterns such as friendly, safe or dangerous and the ability to record your own voice and actions for them to perform.

Like We Said, Not Just Platformers Anymore

  • A cinematic cutscene maker which gives you full freedom over the camera with options for position, movement (including tilt, zoom and shake), transitions, and timings, as well as the ability record full voice-overs for Sackboys and NPC’s. These can be used in music videos, short films or even entire movies.
  • New CREATE materials which include base materials with a selection of filters including dangerous Plasma to add to fire and electricity, Electric Neon that will change colour with a switch and also Holographic material that allows you to create your own heads-up display. This is in addition to the infinite number of stickers, decorations, materials, bolts and rods.
  • New CREATE tools which includes a Level Link Badge that jumps the player from one level to another without returning to the Pod, Global Gravity options, Bounce Pads to launch players and NPC’s into the air and a Smoke Machine. Most importantly is the new Circuit Board feature which allows players to layout complex logic connections onto a single chip. This means creators no longer have to conceal tangles of logic strings within the levels they create and can also be used for controlling NPC behavior.
  • Upgraded visuals which also enhance the graphics of user-generated content from the original game.
  • Trophy support.
  • Plus a standalone 10-level demo that supports the new PlayStation Move controller.

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