Twistdock Keeps Your PS3 Peripherals Charged And Ready To Go

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Vogel’s has announced TwistDock, the highly-anticipated docking station for the PS3. TwistDock connects, docks, expands, and charges the PS3, keeping cables and controllers organized and neat for a home entertainment center that looks clean, stylish and sexy. A must-have for all PS3 users, TwistDock will be shown in the U.S. for the first time at E3. I gotta admit that this is a sleek little gadget, I might just pick one up myself.

Controllers Always Charged & Ready to Go – Even when the PS3 is Off

Already the winner of the RetailVision Europe “Best Accessory Award” May 2010, gamers will love TwistDock’s ability to keep controllers organized at their fingertips and always charged, since stopping to re-charge a controller can mean the difference between winning and losing a game. With TwistDock, controllers are always ready for action, continuing its high-speed charge even when the PS3 is turned off.

Docks PS3 Original & PS3 Slim – Additional 2-6 USB Ports Keep Peripherals Always Connected

The first product in Vogel’s new line of essential gaming products and accessories, TwistDock esthetically blends with the PS3’s sleek design, docking both the PS3 Original and the PS3 Slim models for a beautiful entertainment center that enhances a home’s décor. TwistDock expands on the PS3’s capabilities, keeping PS3 USB peripherals (such as an extra hard drive) always connected with TwistDock’s additional 2 USB charging ports, as well as its optional 4 USB Hub accessory. In addition, there is an optional TwistDock CableSet accessory for an extra set of high quality cables that are designed to blend with the PS3.

“TwistDock is a must-have for the gaming enthusiast, who will love its combination of style and functionality that makes the PS3 even more enjoyable to use,” said Albert Zeeman, VP Innovations and Alliances, Vogel’s. “TwistDock expands and charges more peripherals, keeping the PlayStation 3’s unsightly cables neatly concealed in TwistDock’s sturdy pedestal. With the introduction of TwistDock, Vogel’s is launching a whole new line of gaming accessories to complement its successful worldwide product line of TV and mounting solutions.”


Twistdock should be available near the end of the year.

TwistDock – Essential Docking Station Features for the PS3:


  • Easily connects all cables, including HDMI port to TV
  • Keeps controllers and gaming area neat and organized


  • Keeps USB peripherals always connected, no need to plug and unplug peripherals
  • Features 2 USB charging ports
  • Optional USB Hub features 4 additional USB ports for connecting more peripherals


  • Docks PS3 and controllers for a neat esthetic display
  • Works with both versions of PlayStation 3: PS3 Original and PS3 Slim


  • High-speed charging of controllers and USB peripherals for continuous play – even when PS3 is off
  • LED indicators show charging status

TwistDock pricing will be available summer 2010 with product availability in the U.S. starting 4Q 2010 in time for the holiday season.

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