@Gamer, A New Magazine From Best Buy Available By Subscription This Month

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Leading gaming and entertainment retailer Best Buy has announced the launch of a new publication for gaming enthusiasts. @Gamer will be available by subscription and in all Best Buy locations in the United States this month. This is an interesting move and one that I didn’t really expect, I can’t quite understand Best Buy’s angle here unless this is part of a bigger strategy with parts that have yet to be announced. Not only are the preeminent gaming magazine already well respected, but this totally goes against the belief that the lifespan of the printed magazine is coming to an end, though I’m sure that @Gamer will have a solid web strategy from the jump.

The magazine focuses on providing both hard-core and casual gamers with relevant information on the hottest games and gaming hardware. Subscribers will receive exclusive offers, worth hundreds of dollars in savings annually, towards their future gaming purchases at Best Buy.

Each issue of the multiplatform games magazine will contain at least 100 pages, covering roughly 30 of the best gaming products. The annual subscription price for 10 issues of @Gamer is $19.99 while the in-store edition is priced at $5.99 per issue. The first issue will include nearly $150 worth of exclusive offers for discounts on games and gaming accessories with subsequent issues including at least $20 worth of exclusive offers in each issue. Anyone can subscribe or purchase a single issue of the magazine. Customers must be enrolled in Best Buy’s Reward Zone Gamers Club in order to be able to redeem the @Gamer offers.

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