Target & Ubisoft Set To Showcase Four New Family Games Together At E3

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Target and Ubisoft will team up at E3 in Los Angeles this year for an exclusive preview of four upcoming family fun games. Target’s Bullseye Lounge will feature two upcoming fitness-themed titles as well as video game adaptations of two hit television game shows.

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout is the first dance game specifically designed to promote fitness and weight loss. Players can choose from a wide variety of choreographed dance routines influenced by Latin dance styles, as well as participate in sessions incorporating boxing and mini-games that target specific muscles – all to the sounds of hit music tracks such as “Just Dance,” “I Will Survive,” andJai Ho.”

Dance on Broadway features a soundtrack of 20 of Broadway’s classic hits, including such beloved musicals as “Cabaret” and “Fame” that instantly transform the living room into center stage. Aspiring performers can sing solo or share the spotlight with up to four players in a game.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire video game will put the brains of expo attendees to work as they compete against one another to answer increasingly difficult trivia questions, allowing visitors to experience the drama and intensity of the pop culture game show sensation first-hand, as they test their trivia knowledge and give their “final answers.”

Hollywood Squares brings the laughter and entertainment of the classic comedy game show as participants go head-to-head in a unique rendition of the show that combines tic-tac-toe, virtual celebrities and ultimate bluffing to provide hours of humor for all ages.

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