EA Changes The Game And Announces NBA Elite 11

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EA announced today that NBA Elite will be the new identity of the long running EA Sports NBA videogame franchise. NBA Elite 11 will revolutionize the way basketball simulation games are played, with an all-new technology base, a new control scheme and a real-time physics system. The game is currently in development for the PlayStation 3.

This will be the first NBA game since 1995 that doesn't fall under the 'NBA Live' title

“We plan to profoundly evolve the interactive basketball experience in a way that the category has not seen for a decade”, says Peter Moore, President, EA Sports. “In NBA Elite 11, we’ll introduce a gameplay experience that gives fans the control on the court that they have been begging for in a basketball game for years”.

The new real-time physics system in NBA Elite 11 allows each player on the court to move independently of one another, removing the two-man interactions that have long taken the user control out of basketball simulation videogames. With user control now present in the game, the potential for NBA Elite 11 to be the best basketball video game that there has ever been is now a real and distinct possibility.

In addition to the new real-time physics system, a new skill-based shooting system is introduced that requires accurate user input and is based on a player’s position on the court which a complete contrast to the apparently randomly generated dice rolls that have driven shooting in basketball videogames in the past.

NBA Elite 11 hopes to be even better than the previous offering of NBA Live 10 (pictured above)

“From the first day of development on this product, it was clear that we intended to pioneer a groundbreaking change in the basketball videogame segment”, said Jordan Edelstein, VP Marketing, EA Sports. “It’s a whole new game that warranted a brand new name to fully capture the transformation we intend to deliver in NBA Elite”.

EA has been releasing basketball videogames since 1983. The first game, titled One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird, was one of the first basketball games to feature real NBA players. The franchise was rebranded to become NBA Live with the release of NBA Live 95, a brand that has carried on for 16 years culminating in last year’s NBA Live 10. EA’s NBA-licensed franchises have sold more than 25 million units since 1995.

NBA Elite 11 will be available for the PlayStation 3 and is due for release in October. Different name, but do you think it will actually be a different game or is this just a lot of hot air?

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