Red Dead Redemption Available In Stores Now

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Developer Rockstar has announced that the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption, a follow up to Red Dead Revolver on the PS2, is now available at retail stores in the US for the Playstation 3. Red Dead Redemption will see a release in Europe on May 21st 2010. Red Dead Redemption is described as “a dark and epic story set against the dying years of the American West, as former outlaw John Marston is sent back across the frontier to track down the members of his former gang in a world where survival is a constant struggle.” The game’s single-player campaign takes place in an open-world environment set across the American Frontier, taking players down into Mexico, up into the mountains and northeast to the Great Plains. Online features include a unique free-roam mode for up to 16 players that allow you to form posses and explore the entire world. Multiplayer also includes a Western variation on more classic multiplayer modes. Future DLC for the game is set to include six co-operative missions available for free this June on PSN.

Red Dead Redemption has been rated M for Mature and is currently available at the RRP of $59.99. This is one game you should definitely check-out, it looks set to be something very special and I have no doubt it will be a hit.

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