Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review: Better Than Modern Warfare 2?

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the latest installment from EA’s DICE studios and I have to admit that I really loved this one. These days when you make a first person shooter its a tall order because no matter what, EVERYTHING will be compared to the Call Of Duty franchise. A few years ago it was tough because COD was so far ahead of everyone else, but EA is pumping a lot of money into first person shooters and you can definitely tell that they are gaining ground. In BBC2, we hook up with that crazy cast of characters from the first game to take a journey into the past to solve a mystery that had been buried since WWII.

The "2nd" best shooter on PS3

The game starts off in 1944, right near the end of WWII when a team of soldiers are sent in to secure a scientist who was working on a weapon codenamed “Aurora”. The soldiers secure the scientist and make their rendezvous, but before they can escape completely the Japanese fire “Aurora”, which totally devastates everything in its wake and thus the legend of “Operation Aurora” was born. The story really gets going from there and mid way through their is quite a revelation about what truly happened that fateful day but I will let you find that out for yourself.

I am a huge fan of the Call Of Duty franchise as you could tell by just searching it on the site, but to be fair to the folks at DICE when it comes to the single player campaign, I have to say that Bad Company 2 beats Modern Warfare 2 hands down. Now I know a lot of folks won’t agree but as far as a compelling story, memorable characters, and responsive gameplay its hard to argue. The thing that I think that BBC2 does so much better than MW2 is that it always maintains a level of realism that you just didn’t get from Modern Warfare 2. The game is action packed but you always felt like as the player the game was happening to you versus how in Modern Warfare 2 at times you felt like the game was happening “around” you if you get what I am saying. Another thing I loved about the single player was that the computer A.I. wasn’t stupid at all, much smarter than COD and because of that you always had to stay on your toes. Throughout the game you have an array of weapons at your disposal and when you shoot someone it just looks and feels real from an impact standpoint even if the kill animations were limited. The game is not very long at all, perhaps a little longer than MW2 but it works and is well paced. The controls are good and tight and the only complaint that most gamers will have is that its not exactly like Modern Warfare 2.


Cover Me!!

Now when it comes to multiplayer I was less impressed. As I said earlier it definitely feels more real than Call Of Duty but for some reason its just not as fun. It takes entirely too long to kill someone and trying to knife someone will almost always get you killed. You have the option to create your own custom loadouts just like MW2 and I really liked the ability to respawn on one of my teammates so you didnt always have to just drop into a respawn point and then run to the action, you could see where they were and drop right in. As far as multiplayer, I won’t say its not fun because it has its moments, but most gamers won’t completely abandon Modern Warfare 2 for it, at least I wouldn’t.

So what is the answer to the question I posed in the title, “Is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 better than Modern Warfare?”. I am pretty comfortable saying that on PS3 BBC2 is second best FPS available, but alas COD remains king..for now. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has shown us that EA is no longer willing to concede the FPS market to Activision and Call Of Duty and they are giving DICE the support and resources to go toe to toe in the fight. The latest installment of Battlefield: Bad Company definitely took some of the luster off of the COD shield and because of it their is now blood in the water and the sharks smell it. In my opinion, there are some serious questions about the future viability of the Call Of Duty franchise after the recent departures at Infinity Ward and the deal EA has signed with Respawn Entertainment  over the past few months but that is another post.


Finally COD has some competition

In the end Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a very, very good FPS with an excellent single player campaign and a decent multiplayer experience. Through the use of the Frostbite Engine that makes almost everything destructible and HDR audio that can dynamically adjust sounds to make louder sounds louder and quieter sounds lower, DICE is able to create an encompassing in-game experience that few can rival. There was much to love about BBC2, but because of the the failure to transfer the realism of the single player into mutliplayer while keeping it fun and controls that were responsive just not always “smooth”, ZoKnowsGaming gives Battlefield: Bad Company 2 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its a solid buy.

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