Dante’s Inferno DLC – “The Trials Of St. Lucia” Is Released

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Online co-operative gameplay and an innovative game editor is the order of the day from the new DLC that has been released for Dante’s Inferno which has been titled “The Trials Of St. Lucia” which follows the first piece of DLC that was released for the game, “Dark Forest”. In the new piece of DLC, players can create trials using an in-game editor to customize arenas, enemies, obstacles, and combat objectives. Trials can be single player or two-play co-op experiences and shared with players from around the world who can download and play them for leaderboard scores.

The new DLC throws co-operative play into the mix

If you prefer your in-game levels and challenges to be made by people who actually know what they are doing then you will be pleased to know that the “Trials of St. Lucia” includes 40 increasingly difficult Trials designed by the Dante’s Inferno team at Visceral Games. The DLC also includes a new character, St. Lucia of Syracuse, who is Dante’s guardian angel who flies and comes equipped with all-new moves and combos.

A list of the key features of the DLC can be seen below:

Online Co-Operative Play – Choose Dante or St. Lucia and play co-operatively online; combine battle tactics to defeat other players Trials and earn a ranking on the Inferno leaderboards.

Create Combat Trials – Create your own Trials with a full-featured combat editor. Pick from new locations, create waves featuring new and existing Dante’s Inferno enemies, tune and script characters, add traps and obstacles, then upload and share your creations online with players across the globe.

St. Lucia – A New Playable Character – Play as the beautiful and deadly St. Lucia of Syracuse, the battle-ready angel that flies and possesses all-new moves and combos

Challenge Yourself & Other Players– Download and play other players’ Trials or try your hand at beating EA’s increasingly dangerous single and two-player Trials. Challenge yourself to win medals, achievements and rank up leaderboard scores.

Rate Trials – Provide a 1 to 5 star rating for Trials that you play. The online community will help the best Trials rise to the top.

Rank on the Worldwide Leaderboards – Compare your worldwide standings as Player and/or Creator.

Dante’s Inferno Trials of St. Lucia is available worldwide via the in-game Downloadable Content menu as well as on the PlayStation Network Store for $9.99.

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