Pre-order Incentives For Activision’s ‘Blur’ Are Announced

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The highly anticipated arcade racing game, ‘Blur’, is due to hit consoles on May 25th and three different video game stores have announced what you will get if you decide to pre-order the game with them. The game has been developed by Bizarre Creations who have a history of making quality racing games with the famous Project Gotham Racing games for the Xbox and Xbox 360 being arguably the most notable.

The multiplayer beta for 'Blur' became public on 6th April after places in the original beta on March 8th were in such high demand

The pre-order incentives are as follows:

Pre-order from GameStop to receive an exclusive Day One Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit, which includes:
• A heavy, off-road powerhouse – the Ford Bronco in multiplayer. Shunt the competition in the next millennium!
• Get the MotorMash game mode at Rank 1
• Get Double Fans for the first five MotoMash Event, which increases your XP to unlock content sooner.
• Pre-order the PS3 version here:

Pre-order from Best Buy and get early access to the Dodge Viper ACR.
• Unlock 600 horses of power with the Dodge Viper ACR in multiplayer mode and be the envy of the racetrack!
• Pre-order the PS3 version here:

Bizarre Creations have achieved huge success with some of their previous racing games

Reserve Blur at Hollywood Game Crazy and receive double fans during the first three races.
• Fans allow gamers to rank up earlier, unlocking mods, cars and features sooner.

‘Blur’ is due on May 25th on the PlayStation 3 and it looks to be one of the most fun games of the year and you can find out if Bizarre Creations have done a good job by checking it out.

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