Capcom Unveils Lost Planet 2 “Kill Big For Charity” Program

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Capcom has announced a new campaign which they have dubbed “Kill Big For Charity” that will tie in with the multiplayer demo of the upcoming Capcom release, Lost Planet 2. The charity and community campaign will include a donation to Music for Relief for each demo downloaded via Xbox LIVE online entertainment network or PlayStation Network, a celebrity/charity tournament at the launch party and a community contest presented by Capcom Unity which will award the biggest Lost Planet 2 fans with spots in the celebrity tournament.


Money from the campaign will be donated to the Music For Relief charity

To launch the campaign, Capcom will create a charity fund of $20,000 as a donation for the first one million Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demos downloaded on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and PlayStation 3. If the demo surpasses the million mark across both platforms, an additional $5,000 will be donated when an extra 500,000 downloads is achieved.


The demo gives gamers an indication of what they can expect when the full game is released on May 11th

To celebrate the May 11th release of Lost Planet 2, Capcom will throw a pre-launch party in Los Angeles on May 6th. The Lost Planet 2 celebrity tournament will take place during the party (participants to be announced at a later date). The winning team will choose which Music for Relief cause will receive the grand total of the demo download fund, which can be up to $25,000.

Lost Planet 2 is out on May 11th on the PlayStation 3 and is the sequel to the hit Xbox 360 game, Lost Planet.

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