Codemasters Announces International Cricket 2010

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Codemasters will continue its 15-year association with the sport of cricket and the latest installment will be ‘International Cricket 2010’ and the main feature of this brand new title is the ‘action cam’ that takes players right onto pitch and puts them right in the middle of the fight. The game follows the hugely successful ‘Ashes Cricket 2009’ which was a number 1 bestseller upon its release last summer.

The game includes the new 'action cam' which hopes to make the experience even more thrilling for fans of the sport

As mentioned the key new feature in the game is the ‘action cam’ which is designed to immerse the player in the game and make them feel all the emotions that the players are feeling (or would do if they were real) and will hopefully make them feel the excitement that goes hand-in-hand with the game of international cricket. The ‘action cam’ will also give players the enjoyment of hammering a 90mph delivery back over the stand like no other cricket game has done before.

The fielding, batting and bowling has been improved with what the makers are calling ‘Power Stick’. Power Stick enables the widest selection of shots, from pushing quick singles to gaps in the field to risky shots and everything in between and this is achieved by giving the batsman 360° analogue power and directional control.

It is hoped that the game will improve of the success of 'Ashes Cricket 2009'

The game is being developed by an Australian developer called Trickstar Games and the Studio Director, Tony Parkes, said “We’re delighted to partner with Codemasters to develop the next leap forward in cricket gaming”.

There are many other features in the game along with the ‘action cam’ including

• Officially licensed by the England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia to feature official players, stadia and kits.
• A wide range of game modes including new instant tournaments.
• A comprehensive player editor enables gamers to put themselves into the game and the squad editor allows players to edit the player name, appearance, team and attributes of all athletes.
• Gamers can compete as any of the expanded roster of 16 nations at an improved selection of 21 stadia around the world, including Lord’s, the Home of Cricket.

International Cricket 2010 is due out in summer 2010.

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