BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins Reaches Triple Platinum Sales

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The game that was named ‘RPG of the Year’ by various gaming outlets including Game Informer, G4, SpikeTV,, and PC Gamer has reached triple platinum sales status which it achieved by selling over 3 million units. This accolade means that Dragon Age: Origins is BioWare’s sixth consecutive blockbuster franchise. BioWare’s other gaming blockbusters include Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire and Mass Effect.


BioWare is no stranger to a blockbuster franchise

The game has also won over 30 “Best of 2009” awards and has an average score of 87 on Metacritic for the PS3. This astounding critical and commercial success even lead one reviewer, Seth Schiesel of The New York Times, to proclaim that Dragon Age: Origins is “…perhaps the best electronic game made yet”.

Since Dragon Age: Origins was released in fall 2009, BioWare has continued to captivate gamers with a generous amount of DLC including Warden’s Keep and Return to Ostagar. Another expansion pack, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening is set to launch on March 16, 2010 so gamers should be happy for a long while yet.


BioWare keeps the experience going with high quality DLC releases

“This is a tremendous start for the Dragon Age franchise and we are extremely pleased with the great reception the game has already received from critics and fans worldwide”, said the co-founder, BioWare and Group General Manager of the RPG/MMO Group of EA, Dr. Ray Muzyka. “Our team is dedicated to crafting high quality, engaging new adventures and stories in the world of Ferelden for our fans!”

The new DLC, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, follows the events of Dragon Age: Origins and players assume the role of a Grey Warden Commander entrusted with the job of rebuilding the order of Grey Wardens and tasked to uncover the mystery of how the darkspawn survived after the slaying of the Archdemon. Players will be able to import their character from Dragon Age: Origins or start out as a new Grey Warden from the neighboring land of Orlais.

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