Yakuza 3 Is Muscling Its Way Into Stores March 2010

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Yakuza 3 is the next cinematic chapter in the prestigious video game saga offering an authentic, gritty and often violent story set in modern day Japan. Following the events of the previous game, Kazuma and Haruka (his adopted daughter) have left Kamurochoto to seek a new life in Okinawa where they manage an orphanage for children. However, their peaceful life is soon interrupted when a series of events unfold pulling Kazuma back into the shadowy past he thought he had left behind. Making its first appearance exclusively on the PlayStation 3 platform, the rich story and vibrant world of Yakuza 3 lets players engage in intense brutal clashes within the streets of Okinawa, and the pulsating and often dangerous city of Tokyo where only the strongest will survive.


Partial Feature List:

• Storied franchise enjoys a hardcore following with true video-game enthusiasts.

• Tokyo and Okinawa are rendered with stunning accuracy.

• Play a variety of mini-games including billiards, karaoke or even take in a game of golf.

• Engage in a variety of real-life activities from buying items in licensed shops & businesses to eating in restaurants you can find on actual streets of Tokyo.

• Seamlessly transition into intense fights more brutal than ever before.

• Gain fighting experience by training with teachers, getting “heavenly inspiration” or by remembering new moves from previous battles

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