With Two Months Before Release, The Saboteur Puts On A Full Court Press

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I gotta say this is what I like to see, a new IP really putting on the full court press as far as trying to get people excited about the game and interested in knowing more about it. You don’t see it done a lot and definitely not to the degree that EA and Pandemic are doing with The Saboteur.


You Gotta Love The Way This Game Is Stylized

Between now and when the game hits store shelves there will be a constant influx of  new content, to be specific we are talking about multiple items posted each week. That means if you don’t know much about The Saboteur now then over the next few weeks you will have a chance to have all your questions answered.

We definitely got confirmation of what we already thought as the game got its first wave approval from ESRB.  From the trailers, which if you search around the site you should find a few and screens which you can find in our screenshot gallery it was really no doubt about what rating this game would get. The game has been officially classed as an M 17+ title for:

  • Blood
  • Intense Violence
  • Nudity
  • Sexual Themes
  • Strong Language

We Told You This Game Wasn't For Kids

As you can tell this game is definitely aimed at adults and I think they are embracing that and that’s refreshing. So often you find companies seemingly toning “down” their game content but it seems as if EA is going to let Pandemic run with this and we at ZoKnowsGaming respect that. As we said earlier over the next few weeks you will definitely be hearing a lot more about this title and to find out all about it just keep it locked to ZoKnowsGaming.

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Check out the Bell de Nuit

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