Mini Ninja Profile: Kunoichi

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In the upcoming Edinburgh Interactive title Mini Ninja, you play as a Hiro a small, young Ninja travelling with his companions on a quest to battle evil. Set to release on the PlayStation Network September 11th 2009, players will not only play as Hiro but as all of his companions. Kunoichi is one of the Mini Ninjas.


Kunoichi will mess you up.

Kunoichi, being the youngest and least mature of the Mini Ninjas, she looks up to Suzume like a big sister and adores Hiro. She is exceptional in her acrobatic skill and uses her Naginata (spear) as a prop in her agile moves. Kunoichi is quiet, and much like any loner, doesn’t go out of her way to reveal much about herself.

Special Ability: Kunoichi, when anticipating a rush of enemies will spin her Naginata above her head – drawing upon the magical energies infused within the weapon – then unleash a spinning helicopter attack upon her foes.

Trivia: Kunoichi enjoys the rigorous training of the life as a Mini Ninja. It fits well with her acrobatic nature.

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A Mini Ninjas Demo is currently available on the PlayStation Network.

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