Why Aren’t More Developers Allowing Us To Play In-Game Music on PS3??

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So we were sitting around reading comments and we read this comment on a post about a soundtrack being unveiled and the person said I don’t really care about the game’s soundtrack, they said that they would much rather be able to play their own and that got us to thinking about something we saw recently in another PS3 game. We started to think about how far off this could actually be and when we thought about it maybe not that far at all. In fact it seems that the capability has been in the firmware for over a year now, developers just aren’t leveraging it.


In-game music on the PS3 would be nice.

We don’t know how many of you have played the latest installment of NCAA Football 10, pretty good game if you haven’t, but what is relevant about that game to this story is that it had a feature in it that allowed you to basically set certain songs to certain game events. For instance, on mine I have Chris Brown’s “Gimme That” set to play every time I score a touchdown and Tupac’s “Hit Em Up” set when I make a stop on 4th down. The list of events that you can set music too is actually pretty long,  just don’t set anything for 1st downs or you will really get a headache. That’s cool but what’s the point right, well I will tell you.

In order for what I just described to you to happen, the game needs to be aware of the PS3 hard drive AND be able to read and access it while in game. The fact that you can set a song to an action means that now games can be aware of music files on the PS3 hard drive and that they can actually access and play them in-game. This is essentially what the X-box has been able to since it debuted but up until now us PS3 owners just had to be envious but maybe not that much longer.

Speaking from a technical aspect, if you can do what EA did with NCAA to trigger songs to play based on certain events set by the user, its not a large leap to think that someday soon we will be able to play in game music of our choice in any PS3 game that we want and that is something that PS3 owners can be excited about.


You can already kind of do it in NCAA Football 10

personally we can wait to see more developers leveraging the capability, it would go a long way towards improving gameplay experience and closing the gap with the X-box on some of the more technical capabilities.

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