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Welcome to ZoKnowsGaming Madden 10 Central. This is the place that you can follow our franchise, ask questions about yours, share tips, ask us what we think about trades and free agent acquisitions, if its Madden 10 related you can ask it here.

So that’s right folks we are kicking off our Madden 10 Franchise and we wanted you to be involved. We asked in our poll what team should be use and because we wanted a real challenge we gave you the choice of the three worst teams by winning percentage last year: Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, and the St. Louis Rams and though we had a little trouble with the poll it seems that the overwhelming number of you choose the Detroit Lions, the only team in NFL history to go 0-16. Oh gee thanks guys. Well thought about waiting for them to add Michael Vick on 8-19 but we couldn’t wait and while we love Mike Vick we doubt we would sign him just because we want to work with some of the younger guys.

So after that we set about building what we thought was the most competitive team we could given the pieces that the Lions had already. First off we wanted to decide who we would keep and after that we went about implementing our “Our Four Principles To Building A Great Madden Franchise“. We wanted to get younger, we wanted to increase cap space, and we wanted to try and get better at the same time if possible. We think we pulled off some nice deals and you can see a complete list of our transactions so far below. As far as those guys we wanted to keep we decided that there were only a few guys we really wanted to hold onto and that was QB M. Stafford, WR C. J0hnson, RB K. Smith, LB E. Sims, and S L. Delmas. After that everyone else was else was pretty much fair game, I know that’s brutal but hey they went 0-16 last year they really needed a major overhaul.

Transactions: Check out our transaction list here.

After that we we went into the preseason pretty happy with the core we had put in place and though we had some close games, we managed to go 4-0 in the preseason. After that we were pretty confident going into the regular season, though we knew it would be a lot harder when the starters for the other team played the whole game. If you notice the depth chart you will notice that while we are solid all the way around, we are so far being outmatched on our offensive line and we really need a gamechanger or two on our defensive line. Because of this we are struggling a little in the run game and with getting pressure on the QB. So check out the season so far.

Game Recaps: Year One

Week 1: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints, W 29-16

  • QB M. Stafford 9-23-226, 1TD, 1 INT, RB K. Smith 15-34 1TD, WR C. Johnson and V. Jackson TD, 78yds each
  • This was a solid opening game, Matt Stafford looked pretty good and we got off to a solid start to the season.

Week 2: Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings, W 21-11

  • QB M. Stafford 9-21-135, 1 INT, RB J. Norwood 7-107 2TD, WR D. Thomas 2-50
  • Now at this point we are feeling good we are 2-0 and leading the division. Stafford is playing pretty well though still doesn’t have that command he will need. Then we were set to go up against the Washinton Redskins and Albert Haynesworth.

Week 3: Detroit Lions vs Washington Redskins, L 31-35

  • QB M. Stafford 12-24-211, 1 TD, 3 INT, RB K. Smith 8-42 1TD, WR C. Johnson 4-116, S. Breaston, TD
  • Even with a great game from Johnson, we couldn’t overcome those 3 picks by Stafford and lose a close one.

Week 4: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears, W 21-14

  • QB M. Stafford 11-21-262, 2 TD, INT, RB J. Norwood 5-37 1TD, WR C. Johnson 4-131-TD, V. Jackson, TD
  • We bounce back to win a close one against the Bears(sorry @kev5890). Stafford is still improving and so is Johnson, but don’t be fooled by his numbers Johnson is dropping too many passes and not getting enough separation on his routes.

Week 5: Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers, L 27-38

  • QB D.Culpepper 11-25-179, 2 TD, 2 INT, RB J. Norwood 4-68 1TD, WR C. Johnson 4-89-TD and WR V. Jackson 4-84-2 TD
  • The score makes it look much closer than it was, we got worked in this one. Willie Parker ran for 150 and 2TD, we couldn’t stop him and H. Ward was over 100 yards receiving.

Week 6: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers, L 7-10

  • QB M. Stafford 9-34-149, 2 INT, RB K. Smith 6-18, WR C. Johnson 3-90
  • This was a tough one, I have to admit I kinda looked passed the Packers because at this point they were like 0-5 and while they didn’t really have a good game we didn’t either and they did just enough to win this one by a field goal.

Week 7: BYE

  • So at the Bye Week, we are 3-3, not as good as we had hoped but not as bad either, hey at least we are not winless. Our young guys are looking good and we are especially happy with the play of S L. Delmas, LB G. Guyton, DE Q. Groves and M. Johnson, they are all rookies or less than 3 years in the league but they are developing nicely. Our OL is still struggling and there aren’t a lot of holes for our RB’s, already looking for potential free agent signings.
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