Official Madden 10 Soundtrack Revealed

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So we are moving in on a little bit less than 3 weeks until the release of Madden 10 and EA has revealed the soundtrack. This year’s soundtrack is a bit different from previous year’s in that it is going with established artist rather than young and up and coming ones.

I am also really excited to see my favorite rapper Tupac on this year’s soundtrack and when I juke the shoes off of someone I hope I hear his “Can’t See Me” playing in the background. And when I score all those last second game winning touchdowns I think that Nas’ “Hate Me Now” will be more than appropriate. Anyway, this year’s Madden is setting up to be one of the best in years. This got me to thinking of my favorite song on a Madden game before and I think mine is the theme from Madden 2000 by Ludacris, that joint is hot I still actually remember most of the words, has to be hardest song ever on Madden. So there’s a question, what’s YOUR favorite song ever on a Madden game?  The Official Madden 10 Soundtrack hits stores July 31, 2009. Check out the track list below.

The Official Madden 10 Soundtrack

  1. 2Pac—”Can’t C Me”
  2. Airbourne—”Heads are gonna roll”
  3. Alice in Chains—”Them Bones”
  4. B.o.B—”Created a Monster”
  5. Bang Camaro—”Revolution”
  6. Beastie Boys—”Sabotage”
  7. Black Sabbath—”Paranoid”
  8. Cypress Hill—”Get em up”
  9. Helmet—”Unsung”
  10. Iron Maiden—”Aces High
  11. Judas Priest—”Painkiller”
  12. Kid Rock—”I am the bullgod”
  13. Killswitch Engage—”Reckoning”
  14. Korn—”Blind”
  15. Mastodon—”Divinations”
  16. Nas feat. Puff Daddy—”Hate me now”
  17. Nirvana—”Breed”
  18. Pantera—”Walk”
  19. Public Enemy—”Shut em down”
  20. Rage Against The Machine—”Guerrilla Radio”
  21. Set Your Goals—”Gaia Bleeds (Make way for man)”
  22. Slipknot—”Duality”
  23. System Of A Down—”Sugar”
  24. The Vanity Plan—”Before I die”
  25. Young Dre The Truth—”Cheah Beah”

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