ZKGs Top 10 Best FPSs On The PS3, But We Could Only Think Of 5

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Well I know that by now you have seen a million of these top 10 list but as many times as we check our stats and see people searching that term we figured they must not be getting what they needed and at ZKG we always try to give you what you need. This was supposed to be a  list of the top 10 first person shooters that we thought were currently available on the PlayStation 3 but as you can see we found that harder than you would think. The list is not in any particular order.

1. The Call of Duty Franchise: This one here is a no brainer right. Call of Duty is the standard by which all other FPS’s must be measured and to date no one has done that. The last two titles have been awesome, Modern Warfare and World At War, respectively. The games are fast, fun, and intense in single player mode and the online experience is second to none. The long awaited sequel to Modern Warfare is now on the horizon and we are almost positive that Infinity Ward will blow our minds again. Bottom line is that if you own a PS3 and neither of the games that I have mentioned above are not in your collection you are seriously cheating yourself.

2. Resistance 1-2: The Resistance franchise is a success story if there ever was one. It’s not often you can bring a completely new title to a console, especially an FPS and have major success as this franchise has enjoyed. Lots of people actually overlooked the first Resistance because it was one of the original launch titles and most people just never went back to play those titles and that is a shame. Resistance 2 didn’t have that problem and had a lot of marketing and hype behind it and we think that it lived up to that. And although the second one had a rather shocking ending we are almost sure that things aren’t what they seem and Resistance 3 is already in the works.  Definitely worth 0wning.

3. Killzone 2: Killzone 2 was a long time in the making and when the title finally hit the market the reception was mixed. The Killzone mythology has all the components to be a great game and highly compelling story but we felt that for all the hype around it and all the time the game was in production there were a lot of things that just didn’t stand up to scrutiny the way they should have. Now a lot of other sites really love the game but here at ZKG we weren’t all that thrilled with it.  With all of that said, Killzone 2 is definitely still worth playing and who knows you may love it.

4. Rainbow Six Vegas 1-2: R6V is one of the few classic FPS titles that actually made the jump from the last gen consoles and as everyone in the industry knows is still probably the best tactical FPS ever developed. For gamers who like to be strategic and precise in their elimination of enemy targets then this is definitely the game for  you. Here at ZKG, and we know lots of folks won’t agree with us but we were a little bit disappointed with the last installment, it just felt like a repacking of the old stuff with a few new bells and whistles, but the guys at Ubi make great games and we hope the next one will truly display what we know the R6 series is capable of.

5. Battlefield: Bad Company: This game was what we had to admit a huge surprise for us. We really didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. I am sure that a lot of people have looked at Bad Company on the shelves and decided not to pick it up for whatever reason but if you haven’t picked it up you are doing yourself a disservice if you like FPS’s, because BBC is actually a very complete one. The game had a compelling story and characters that you can’t help but root for no matter how crazy a lot of them are. Definitely a sleeper in the category. Check the site for the new screenshots and trailer from the upcoming BBC2.

Honorable Mentions:

BioShock: People are going to go nuts over this one, like how could we not put Bioshock in the top 5? For us it was as simple as that Bioshock didn’t hit PS3’s until over a year after it was released for XBOX 360 and it was developed by 2K Marin vice 2K Boston/2K Australia who developed it for the other systems. While we don’t think that BioShock lost anything in terms of the engulfing tale that is the story of Rapture in the port over, the two things we mentioned made it impossible for it to make the default list even though its definitely one of the top 5 FPS’s currently available for the PS3.  And we are definitely excited that Bioshock 2 is already deep into development and this time it hits both consoles at the same time and has a multiplayer. (Note: They had time to optimize the game specifically for the PS3 which is sort of an unfair advantage over a game that would have been originally available for both consoles simultaneously.)

007: Quantum of Solace: Surprisingly, one of the few things that was wrong with this title is that it is based on a movie and therefore a lot of gamers never gave it a fair shake. 007 was a very, very good FPS and we enjoyed reviewing it and playing it. If you haven’t played it, pick it up and play it you will be glad you did.

The Orange Box:  This awesome game definitely should be on the list but can’t really be in the top 5 because its not really one game. The Orange Box includes Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal, Team Fortress 2, the original Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One.  So as you can see the Orange Box is a compilation of games versus a single product. We would love to see a high powered version of CounterStrike make its way to the console.

FarCry2: FarCry2 is a title that you won’t find in the ZKG database, for some reason or another it seems that we just didn’t get to it. I mildy remember playing the demo and wasn’t that moved. The reason that it makes our list is due to the overall response that it got from many of our colleagues.

What is sad is if you count certain games with more than one game in the same series as one, then you can’t even put together a top 10 FPS’s for the PS3 list because there aren’t enough good ones to make a list. The major point of this post is to say that the PS3 needs more quality FPS’s.

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