2K Games Reveals First Details Of The BioShock 2 Multiplayer Experience

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Today 2K Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. announced that it has signed a partnership with Digital Extremes to develop the multiplayer experience for BioShock 2. Under this partnership, Digital Extremes is working closely with the creative team at 2K Marin to develop a new and substantial element that enhances the lore and fiction of the BioShock universe.


Get ready to return to Rapture

Multiplayer in BioShock 2 provides a rich prequel experience that expands the origins of the BioShock fiction. Set during the fall of Rapture, players assume the role of a Plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions, a premier provider of Plasmids and Tonics in the underwater city of Rapture that was first explored in the original BioShock. Players will need to use all the elements of the BioShock toolset to survive as the full depth of the BioShock experience is refined and transformed into a unique multiplayer experience that can only be found in Rapture.

Key features:

Evolution of the genetically enhanced shooter – Earn experience points during gameplay to earn access to new Weapons, Plasmids and Tonics that can be used to create hundreds of different combinations, allowing players to develop a unique character that caters to their playing style.

Extend the Rapture fiction – Players will step into the shoes of Rapture citizens and learn more about the fall of Rapture as they progress through the experience.

See Rapture before the fall – Experience Rapture before it was reclaimed by the ocean and engage in combat over iconic environments in locations such as Kashmir Restaurant and Mercury Suites, all of which have been reworked from the ground up to deliver a fast-paced multiplayer experience.

BioShock 2 is currently in development at 2K Marin, 2K Australia and Digital Extremes. Right now gamers all over the world are smiling as it seems that now the biggest gripes that gamers had with the original was the lack of multiplayer. We also think that this is an excellent approach having Digital Extremes do the multiplayer. You may have never heard of them, but they are the guys behind Unreal and Unreal Tournament so you know they got skills. The brilliance is this approach is that with DE just working the multiplayer piece, this should mean that not only will the multiplayer experience be tightly integrated with the rest of the game but it should be very deep and complete in and of itself since 2K Marin doesn’t have to divert their attention from the base of the game. This should be good for them and especially good for gamers. ZKG can’t wait.

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