Zo’s Best of PS3 Awards for 2008

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That’s right folks, it’s that time again. The time when there are very few new games being released and that gives me time to do my second annual edition of “Zo’s Best of PS3 Awards”. So as I have played basically everything out this year, I have a good frame of reference, so here we go. By the way if you missed last year’s list check it out here, you might find something that is really good that you haven’t played.

Best Soundtrack

This one was a tough one but I am going to shock a lot of people and say that Call of Duty: World at War beat out the competition. The music in COD is great and always appropriate for the situation. The score sets tone and helps to engulf you in the epic battle that is COD. Read the review here.

Best Sports Game

Last year, Madden took top billing but after a game that end up being filled with tons of glitches there is no way I could give it to them. This one is always tough because there is usually never one unanimous decisions on sports titles, but even with a few online issues the only sports game I am still playing is NBA 2K9, so it gets the nod. Check out my review here.

Best Alternative Sport Game

This year it was hard to name a winner in this category as there weren’t a lot of strong titles out in this genre this year. There was paintball but it is not as fun as you would think, Shaun White had snowboarding but that didn’t do it for me either. So I am going to have to go with Pure, they took ATV racing to an awesomely sick level.

Best Graphics

As developers learn to leverage the power of the PS3 hardware this category is becoming increasingly difficult, but as graphics go I don’t think anything was better than the epic that was Metal Gear Solid IV. The thing looked and felt like a movie. Check out my review here.

Best Artistry

The winner of this category came down to the wire but once they released it was no doubt that Prince of Persia took the cake. The game’s colors are vibrant and full of life and this game is truly a work of art. Check out my review here.

Biggest Surprise(s)

This year was a tough one to say that a game was a surprise as most of the great titles, well we expected to be great. With that said, I really did enjoy 007: Quantum of Solace. I know lots of folks don’t like to play games based on movies but this really was a good title and one that you should give a try and if that isn’t enough for you it is running on the COD engine so that should tell you something. Check out my review here.

I also thought that a game that didn’t get a lot of credit but was really fun to play was Saint’s Row 2. The game essentially plays and feels like a version of the insanely popular GTA series. I mean if you like GTA, then you should like Saint’s Row because if you stuck GTA across the top of it folks might not know the difference. It was a really fun game to play, the only problem is that it was a little too long. If you haven’t played it, with the next title worth playing more than a month away this is a great choice to pass the time. Check out my review here.

Biggest Disappointment

In this category, there could have been a lot of winners. We could have given it to TNA Impact! but not sure how good we hoped it would be. In the end, it goes to a title that we thought would challenge COD for best FPS but came nowhere close, it goes to Haze.

Best FPS

As if there could be any doubt, because if its out then it will probably win this category, I have to give it Call of Duty: World at War because the game simply kicks a$#. With that said I have to give honorable mentions to Resistance 2 and Quantum of Solace which were both very good.

Best Replay Value

First off I wanna say I never give this to sports titles because they inevitably have lasting appeal. With that said there is really is only one game that I see myself playing well into the new year and that is Call of Duty. Now I must say though that while I was not highly fond of the title that LittleBigPlanet definitely has high replay value for a lot of people.

Most Innovative

This one was a tie. Both of these games did things that had never been done before and for that have probably forever changed gaming. The titles of I speak of are LittleBigPlanet and Mirror’s Edge.

Best Strategy

I know that I will get beat up for this one but since this is my list :), I have to give it to the only strategy game that I actually played this year. I think that this title while not the most pleasing to hardcore fans is the most appealing and gratifying to the casual gamer and for that I give it to Sid Meirs’s Civilization Revolution. Check out my review here.

and finally….

Best Game of the Year

As always this was a tough call. There were more really great titles than normal with the releases of MGS IV, GTA IV, COD, Prince of Persia, Resistance 2 and LBP. For all of that, I have to give it to the title that was an epic unto itself, that pulled you in for hours and would not let go, I have to give it to Metal Gear Solid IV. I mean who will ever forget that final battle with Liquid atop Outer Haven. Awesome!!

Well that’s all folks, hope you enjoyed the awards. Look for a blog coming soon where I discuss my most ancticipated games of 2009.

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