Playstation Home Open Beta Available Tomorrow 10/11/08, It’s Official

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That’s right folks the long awaited PlayStation Home will be available for free download starting tomorrow. Home is behind schedule as it was supposed to debut this time last year, but I guess better late than never.

Go “Home” starting 10-11-08

I hear that Home still has a few bugs in it but they seem to be very responsive to user feedback and if they continue to be then Home may become to the place to be. For those of you that don’t know what Home is here is the spill straight off of the press release.

At first glance, Home may seem like a virtual XMB (CrossMediaBar), but as soon as you delve further into Home you’ll come to realize that this service is and can be so, so much more than just a virtual display of the PlayStation network.

Expand your network – Meet up with friends and other gamers to discuss games, get new content or team up for online gameplay, and then come back into PlayStation®Home to analyze your performance and highlights.

Set up clubhouses for your biggest interests or games, making it easier for both you, friends and strangers to meet up and discuss anything involving that special interest or game of your liking.

Be the explorer – Explore all the locations within Home, including the Central Plaza, the game spaces, your personal apartments, and much, much more!

Ever wanted to throw a huge barbeque party for your fellow PlayStation Network buddies? Now’s the time, get that apron on and grill me some burgers!

Aspiring designer – Gamers will customize their avatar’s appearance and clothing with an almost limitless combination of styles and characteristics offering a more personalized experience in PlayStation®Home.

Sony have gotten a lot of third part developers and publishers on board who will work close with the them to integrate their games, demos, trailers, game reviews, and gameplay videos into Home. Sony is also integrating their movie feature into the theaters in Home, it is rumored that eventually you will be able to invite your friends over to your “home” and have them be able to watch your TV like they were there. So now you can rent movies, call up your friends and they can watch it from there “house”. I am sure it will have its bugs but it should be interesting.

*Open Beta – It’s not yet a final build, so they expect bugs but it should help make the final product more solid.

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