Quantum Of Solace Review – Best Bond Game Since GoldenEye

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In the midst of excitement of Call of Duty: World at War and Little Big Planet, I must admit that 007 was a bit of an afterthought for me and I am assuming for a lot of other gamers as well. To overlook this installment of 007 would be a major mistake for gamers who care anything about playing very good games. 007: Quantum of Solace is a very good FPS and very fun to play. The game uses a unique first person shooting, third person cover system that I am sure we will start to see used all over the place in other games but just remember that you heard about it becoming a big thing first here at ZKG and that you saw it first in Quantum of Solace.


A little short, but definitely worth renting.

The game play in Quantum of Solace is fast paced and adrenaline pumped. With the addition of the cover system it makes it much more than a run and gun FPS like most of them end up being, even COD which has no true cover system. Now given that it would be much tougher in COD because of the way the terrain is but there are several places they could at least attempt it. The game is well designed and of course looks marvelous. This instantiation of 007 has two very important things going for it though, the obvious true support of the real 007 Daniel Craig who does excellent voice work and a very, very good computer A.I. system

Speaking of the computer A.I., it really is the star of the show and at times a little frustrating. In most games, a gamers major frustration is that the computer A.I is not smart enough but if you play this game on anything above the first two levels that won’t be a problem. The A.I. is very intelligent and challenges the player to make the best possible tactical decision and forces them to use the environment around them to their advantage. That is a big thing in this game, you have to use the environmental weapons around you or you will never beat this game, is there a fire extinguisher you can shoot to momentarily blind your enemy or how about an explosive barrel you can shoot to blow up a few entrenched enemies.


Use that cover system folks!!

To specifically focus on the A.I., they are very aggressive and use military tactics better than a lot of military inspired games I have played. The computer won’t wait for you to come to them, they will come to you and they will flank you from the left, attack up the middle, flank you from the right, and then try to come up behind you all at the same time. This makes the battles fun but can be frustrating as you are going to be like I had to kill that guy cause he had a dead beat on me but how did I have time to kill this guy that came up from behind and so because of that you will die a lot. There is a level near the end, I won’t say which one but when you get to it you will know.

Another great thing about this game is the stealth system, it’s a very good system and in fact I enjoyed being stealth more than anything. It was easy to do and gave a real sense of secret agentness, and yes I know that isn’t a word. I tried to go through entire levels without using my gun in fact, it used to be I would just try and use my silencer but not anymore. All you have to do is get up close to an enemy and press R3 and it would immediately bring up the button screen and you would have to pick the correct button, a mechanism made famous in God of War.


Be smart about this, you don’t even need a gun for this one Bond.

The fact is that BOND IS BACK and with a vengeance. If there were more of an online component to it, I might even start talking about this game in the game of the year conversation but without that it can’t compete. It seems that Quantum of Solace’s developers have been paying attention and learning from other developers. The game has very few weaknesses and stays true to the movie so its hard to find fault with it. It is not very long but Bond games never are. When you look at the game in pieces, nothing is knock you down great but very good, but when you look at the game as a whole it is very close to a masterpiece. From the major fights, to chasing a guy across the rooftops, and everything in between. Some people may think I am exaggerating but when you play as many games as I do you know when something is a little more fun than the rest. With that said, I give 007: Quantum of Solace 4.8 out of 5.0 stars and if it had any semblance of online mode it may have gotten a 5. Due to the length,  I don’t know if I can recommend buying but definitely rent it and enjoy it.

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