Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Review-He Does It Again

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Sid Meier is a God among men in the world of RPG’s. Gamers have passed millions of hours away on his Civilization series in pursuit of world domination, and with Civilization Revolution (CR) I expect them to add a couple hundred thousand more.

First off let me say that I have never really been a huge fan of the RPG genre, they just didn’t really do it for me. But when I heard that Civilization was coming to the PS3 and it wasn’t just a port over but rather a full from the ground redesign I said its worth a try and man am I happy I did.

In CR there are several different play modes, you can do a single player in which you choose from one of 16 civilizations, each with its own special perks, and you embark on your journey to crush all that stand in your way or not. I say this because there are four different ways to win. A victory can be achieved in four ways. Domination (capture all other civilizations’ capital cities), Culture (create a total of 20 great persons, wonders, and converted cities in any combination, and build the UN), Economic (create the World Bank), and Technological (be the first to reach Alpha Centauri). So as you can see you can take on a lot of different play styles in order to win but for some reason I can’t seem to achieve anything but Domination victories, umm I wonder why lol. Well hey I never really liked playing defense anyway.

Choose a leader and fulfill your destiny

The game starts you off with one tiny village and you go from there. You start to generate basic infantry units and at first it takes three turns to generate one unit but as the game progresses that time will get shorter and the types of units you can create and the strength of those units will steadily increase. The basic way it works is that every unit has a certain number of moves per turn and you just start to move out across the map which is covered by clouds until you reach that area. More than likely you will either encounter friendly villages that will give you gold, knowledge, or units and become part of your civilization or barbarians. Barbarians are not a civilization per say but rather just an additional obstacle. If you move out across the map quickly, you should be able to take them out easily.

When you want to attack a unit, your unit has to be within their allocated number of spaces to attack, if so when you put your cursor over that unit you will see the matchup, your attack vs their defense. If your attack is higher than most times its a good idea to attack, most times as depending on what kind of upgrade the units have they may be able to over take you if you are closely matched. Any time your unit is seven times more powerful than the other unit you automatically overrun them and win the battle. Another cool thing about any of your units is that if you combine three of any unit (warriors, tanks, catapults) on the same space then they can form an army which is even more powerful. As your units battle they will gain experience and thus if a unit that has upgrades which you can earn through battle combines into an army with two units that don’t have any upgrades, then the army automatically takes on the highest level out of the units, cool huh?

What wonders will you build?

The game has a game of the week in which everyone is given the same scenario and the person who wins the fastest sits atop the leaderboard. The scenario of course changes every week. The multiplayer is also awesome. Civilization Revolution features some robust multiplayer options, including match making and ranked games for up to four players (in a free for all, 1 on 1, and 2 on 2 team battle modes), as well as leaderboards and support for voice and video chat. All I am going to say is that these battles can get really intense, I mean do you launch your nuke or don’t you?

This game has far to many nuances and little complexities for me to get into them all but just know that if I am not yet fully converted when it comes to RPG’s as a whole, I am when it comes to the Civ Rev series. Depending on how you battle, the games can be relatively short or really long but you will be so encompassed in the strategy of it all you won’t notice. Thus the replayability is extremely high and just be careful I lost an entire weekend on this thing and barely noticed. And I wonder why I am so tired? Anyway, for fans of the PC series you may be a little sad to see that CR is not as granular as its PC counterparts, it has been simplified to make it more conducive to consoles. That does not however mean that you won’t love this game because you will. For folks on the edge or that never really played an RPG if you are going to buy one buy this one, and you won’t be disappointed trust me. When Sid Meier says “This is the game I have always wanted to make” you know it has to be good. I give Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 5 out 5 stars.

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