The Bourne Conspiracy Review-It’s Not Bad But It Is Too Short For You To Care Much

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Robert Ludlum’s “The Bourne Conspiracy” (TBC) for the most part stays very true to its movie roots and that is a very good thing. It plays with all the intensity and adrenaline that you expect from the series. From the driving through the tight streets of Europe to jumping out of a plane as it is about to crash, TBC has all the components that make it a very real and believable representation of the franchise that Matt Damon has made so famous. So then why is this game not the best thing since sliced bread, well let me tell you.

The first thing that kind of gives you an inkling that maybe something not completely cool is the initial install of 5GB worth of game data that takes a good 20-25 minutes. But hey this is nothing new most of the PS3 titles have a pretty lengthy initial install and it’s a pain but for the added performance and smoothness of play we endure. Though TBC doesn’t do as good a job, as you often encounter the loading message during key moments of the game, none of them are very long but for all that data they just put on my hard drive it could have been done better.


So What If It’s Three Of You, I’m Jason Bourne Fool

I  reviewed the demo the few weeks ago and after playing through the beginning of TBC, I thought I was going to have to change my mind. I mean I was beating the crap out of people, firing all kinds of weapons, and basically wreaking all kinds of havoc. Then after playing for a while some things became very apparent.

First as I said before I think they were smart not to use Matt Damon’s likeness, so that they can continue to expand the series long after he abandons the role. The most crippling problem with TBC is a lack of a coherent story line. I mean there the an initial mission that kind of gets you used to the controls and then the familiar opening mission when you are sent to assassinate Wombosi that ends up going wrong and that sends our hero searching to find out who he is. After you play through this part the game basically becomes a mix of flashbacks that switch back and forth from missions you did in your past to your situation in the present day. While the mission themselves aren’t bad, I mean you are just kind of doing them with real no context behind them. They do send people to kill you just like in the movie but even that is not exploited fully.


Nothing Like  A Good Kick To The Chest To Ruin Your Day

The best part about this game is the fights or hand to hand combat. The fighting is hardcore and you can do some serious damage. The biggest thing you will notice during these fights is that when you get hit you really take a lot of damage, I mean a LOT of damage. After I got the crap kicked out of me a few times I figured out why and it makes perfect sense. When you think about the movies, try to think of a time where Jason Bourne has ever really gotten his butt kicked in a fight, I’ll wait… nope you can’t really think of one. Therefore, in fights you really have to block and avoid getting hit because Bourne never does. But even with the fighting which is the highlight of the game there are problems, after the first couple they do get kind of repetitive. Also, you fight and the more you fight you build up your adrenaline bar which then allows you to do a cool Bourne takedown using whatever is around you in your environment to include things like chairs, desk, shovels, and signs or railings. My problem with this is you kind of end of fighting just to get an adrenaline bar to do a takedown, its kind of a one trick pony. Now it is cool if you don’t give in to the urge to use it you can build up to three adrenaline bars which allow you to then take out up to three enemies at once by pressing the right face button, this is pretty cool when you are surrounded in hand to hand combat by three guys or in a heated gun battle and you want to finish it quickly.

My other major problem with this game is that it is very short, in fact is the shortest game I have played on PS3 to date. I finished the game in a little under 3 hours, yep I really said 3 hours and when I finished it I wouldn’t have thought it I was expecting something else to happen but then I got the you have completed TBC screen and was shocked so it’s definitely a Friday night rental.


Can You Say Goodnight?

In the end if you don’t have anything to do and your significant other just went out for a while you might want to rent this at your local rental place, you should be done with it just about the same time they get back. I mean I never expect much from a title that is based on a movie but I still hoped. The way the Bourne movies are made this game could have been so much deeper and better but instead it ended up being what most games based on movies are, a disappointment. I give TBC 3 out of 5 stars.

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