Devil May Cry 4 Review: Nothing To Cry Over

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So its been a month since the release of the 4th installment in the Devil May Cry series, how did it do? Well I gotta say while this game has lots of good things about it and no doubt will go down as a really solid game it just doesn’t have the kick that I thought it would.

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The storyline is actually really very intriguing. The game is made up of 20 missions, you play as Nero for the first 10 and then after some major drama and a plot twist you won’t believe you finish the game by playing through the last 10 missions as the prodigal son, Dante. The story does enough to capture your interest and as you play through you begin to learn that NOTHING is what it seems and that is well an understatement.

From the very first battle which is against a not to happy to see you, fire-breathing lion looking monster you know that the battles will be intense. And they are. I mean you do battle with Dante, a very very ugly giant toad, and a flying spider-like monster and this is all in the first half of the game. The controls are very easy to learn and work well. The movement of the characters feels fluid and exact.

Artistically, the game is flawless a pure beauty just to watch. The only problem is that with the horsepower under the hood of the PS3, making a game that is gorgeous to look at is no longer the exception but rather the expectation. Plus, to date their have been several visually stunning games for the PS3 such as Uncharted and Heavenly Sword. The musical score for the game is perfectly attached to every part of the game for maximum effectiveness.

So you ask, well what really wrong with the game. Nothing really. I suppose to a lot of gamers DMC4 will be an awesome game and I concede that it does have its moments but it’s not a classic by any means. It’s actually really exactly what you would expect from the series, a really solid game that takes few risk. For me it was, uninspiring. It’s hard to explain on this one folks, it just simply did not move me to play it the way that Uncharted, Kane and Lynch, or even Conan did. If a game can’t move you play it, it doesn’t matter how beautiful it looks. Maybe I am on the only one out there that feels this game was missing something but hey that’s how I felt about it. DMC4 is a solid line drive, but it’s no home run. Let me know what you think.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

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