PS3, X-Box 360 or Wii, Which One To Buy

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Ok, ok, I know what you are saying. You are saying how could a PS3 fan give a non-biased review, well I guess you will just have to trust me.

Around this time of year, folks are running around trying to figure out what gaming system they should buy so I am here to provide a little help. The first thing you have to understand is that each console really targets a different kind of player. The PS3 targets the person that wants a multifunctional console with a lot of features, something that can basically be the center of your entertainment universe. The 360 really targets hardcore gamers that also want a lot of power and like the nice integration that the 360 has with other Microsoft products. The Wii is the “fun” system, the one that is targeted more towards the younger generation but oddly enough has found a place in the hearts and homes of a lot of the bigger “kids”.

Buy the PS3 if you want:

A console that has a lot of raw power and that can be the center of your entertainment environment. This time around the PS3 seems to be the king of graphics. To me in the end ,depending on how this whole Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD thing works out, the PS3 will be the console that has the longest useful life. Sony has taken great precautions to design the PS3 so that it can be updated via software downloads which will allow them to add capability years down the road simply by sending out new software updates thus allowing the system to remain relevant longer. The online environment for PS3 up to this point is free vs paying for X-Box Live. Its not as mature as X-Box live but it could be. Last and not least, the games. PS3 has a load of awesome games coming out this year, check out my most anticipated list for a few, a lot of which are PS3 exclusives. A lot of the capability of the PS3 has yet to even be activated, they built it with the future in mind. So let’s review, lots of power, great graphics, center of entertainment universe.. whew got it.

Buy the 360 if you want:

Well obviously there is X-Box Live, I mean its great and although Sony may be catching up the 360 still does online communities best. The 360 has really great graphics, not as good as Sony this time around but really great none the less. One of the big draws of the 360 is that there are a lot of exclusive games for the console, none being bigger than HALO. To a lot of folks I know, HALO isn’t just a game its a way of life. Other titles like Gears of War and BioShock make it an interesting console to own purely from the game lineup, because all those titles I just mentioned have been rated as top games of the year and unfortunately none of them are on the PS3. The 360 overall is a great system.

Buy a Wii if you want:

Lots and lots of fun. The Wii was an innovative idea that makes players really feel like active participants in the games they are playing. No doubt about it, baseball, boxing, bowling and most other games for the Wii are really fun to play. Super Mario Galaxy of course a Wii exclusive has been voted one of the best games of the year by several sources. I think this game is really good for kids whoms parents don’t want to tell them they can’t play video games but still want them to be active. Now the only real question about the Wii is can you find one?


As you can see each system has its on pluses and minuses, built by different companies for different target consumers. Take it for what its worth and I may be a bit biased because though I have played both other consoles I am a PS3 owner. For my money, the PS3 is the best choice. It is the system that is the most well designed, most functional, and of the three consoles the PS3 has lasting power to be used long after you tire of playing games. The 360 is a solid machine but for some reason they have been having higher than normal malfunction rates (i.e. the red circle of death). The PS3 has its fair share but not nearly as many as the 360.

As an avid gamer, even as a PS2 owner I was really impressed with what Microsoft did with the original X-Box, but for some reason I don’t feel that same freshness and innovation with the 360. Finally, the Wii while probably easily the most physically fun and innovative, what the system truly lacks is power. Because of the audience it was designed for, the Wii will never have the capacity to play the more intense titles. And this to me is its downfall. The Wii is like any new toy, its fun at first but eventually you tire of them and the Wii will suffer the same fate. The PS3 and 360 at least can support the better and more intense titles and are truly multifunctional. So that even when the games stop, the usefulness of them won’t.

Well thanks folks, I hope I gave you a fair and honest opinion of the consoles and hopefully helped make your decision a little easier.

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