ZoKnowsGaming’s Best of PS3 Awards for 2007

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Hey guys, just wanted to give you a run down of the games that I thought really rocked this year.

Best Soundtrack

This one is not even close, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune had one of the most beautiful and well executed scores you will ever find in a video game. Check out that review here.

Best Sports Game

This one is a tough one, to be quite honest I was not really impressed with any of the sports titles on the PS3 this year, but if I had to pick one I guess I have to go with Madden 2008. It was nothing spectacular but it was the best of the bunch.

Best Alternative Sport Game

There were actually a lot of good options in this category, but there was one clear winner. Sorry Tony Hawk but EA’s Skate was brilliant. It has just the right combination of realism and arcadism(yes I made up that word) to be an excellent game. Even if you don’t particularly like skating you will find yourself playing this game for hours on end.

Best Graphics

This one was close and I wanted to give it to another game but when I thought about it, I decided to create another category for that game, so the winner here is again Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune this is just a brilliantly designed game. Check out that review here.

Best Artistry

For this one we have to look no further than one of the initial releases for the PS3, Heavenly Sword. This games looks like a work of art, the animation and cinematography are just excellent. This game is often overlooked by folks that are just buying a PS3 with so many other great titles out now but pick it up, trust me you will be glad you did. Simply beautiful.

Biggest Surprise (s)

Man at first I was just going to do one, but then thinking about it there were actually two games that really surprised me this year in a good way. The first was Conan believe it or not. While at times the gameplay does get a little repetitive and the graphics aren’t the best the game is well constructed and there is a very clear goal. The kills in this game are awesome, wouldn’t give it a buy but I will say when you need a switch up this is a great game to rent.  After a while you will notice it feels like another great PlayStation title but I will let you figure that out.

The second title that was a great surprise was Kane and Lynch: Dead Mean. This game proved to be an adrenaline filled, bullets flying rush. I liked the story and both endings were fitting, that’s right based on a final decision you will get one of two endings. Both endings prove that no crime goes unpunished. The multiplayer online is also an excellent reason to pick up this title. You can check out my review of it here.

Best FPS

Three words: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, umm. ok so it was more than three words but the game has no match on the PS3 right now.

Biggest Disappointment

I hate to say it because I had such high hopes for this title. The fact that this game is the biggest disappointment doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a really good game, just not what I had hoped and not the best they could have done. This one goes to Assassin’s Creed. Check out the full review here.

Best Replay Value

This one goes to Uncharted too. With the idol challenge, you could easily go back and play this game several times over in an effort to collect them all and I doubt you would be bored any of the time.

and finally….

Best Game of the Year

This one was tough guys. In the end there were a lot of really good titles for the PS3 this year but only a few great ones. In the end, I had to call it a tie. The award goes to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune by Naughty Dog and with a great late push Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by Infinity Ward.

Well that’s all folks, hope you enjoyed the awards. Look for a blog coming soon where I discuss my most anticipated games of 2008.

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