Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Review-Best Game Yet on PS3, No Contest

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uncharted ps3 box artFirst I would like to say that I have played or own every major title currently available for the PS3. With that said this is the best game I have played on the PS3 to date. After playing this game I know why I bought a PS3 and not an Xbox 360. Uncharted is the first game on the PS3 that has truly begun to leverage the raw power that the PS3 actually does have under the hood. I am a computer guy so when I saw the specs for the PS3, they looked more like computer specs and a gaming console but anyway back to Uncharted.

In Uncharted, you play as Nathan Drake, a possible descendant of Francis Scott Drake, on the hunt to find well whatever it was that Francis Drake was looking for. On that note the game begins with you on a boat off the coast of Panama having just pulled up what you believe to be F.S. Drake’s casket but there is a surprise here I wont tell you what. From there the race is on as you storm through multiple environments on the greatest treasure hunt ever taken on in a game, sorry Ms. Croft. While a few of the Tomb Raiders were ok, Uncharted outdoes them in every way. Now we will talk again when a tomb raider title comes out for the PS3.


Visually this game is stunning. The levels are truly complete with no areas where they kind of just skimped and hoped you wouldn’t notice. On a regular SD TV this game was beautiful, I can only imagine how gorgeous it would look in HD. Now on the box it says it only goes up to 720p but I have heard that you can disable that and force an upscale to 1080p. As most already know the wetness system is great. When Nathan gets wet he stays wet for a while before drying. The water in this game is beautifully done and very realistic in the way it behaves.


The music in this game is second to one. It actually has a very brilliant musical score. The music is moving and always appropriate for the moment in which it is used. The voices are all on point and well done. All the characters have their own distinct voices and none sound the same. They took a lot of time to give every character uniqueness through their voices and with that mission accomplished. All the SFX are top-notch and accurate also.


The gameplay is excellent. All the controls feel natural and fluid. The many guns that Nathan will use during his adventure all react realistically, such as assault rifles have heavy recoil that forces the gun up as you shoot. The puzzles in the game are for the most part easy except for one or two. The AI on normal is savvy to say the least, they actually duck, slide, and take all kind of other evasive maneuvers. Perhaps the most enjoyable parts are some of the leaps Nathan has to make, some are truly spectacular. You find yourself saying I wonder if he can make that , sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. lol. But that’s the fun part. All in all Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is by far the best game out on PS3. If you are torn between Uncharted and AC, go with Uncharted you wont be disappointed. I have AC and while the game does a lot of things right, even some revolutionary things, when we talk about overall gameplay and replay appeal it’s no contest. AC could have been one of the greatest games ever but they took a few fatal missteps. So in synopsis, AC is a really good game, but Uncharted is a classic.

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